Frequently asked questions

Customs formalities for import and export?
• the Reporting of Imported Goods Regulations
• Customs’ formalities
• Payment of duties and taxes

What are tourism sites of Guinea?
The Republic of Guinea is a West African country. The Guinea gained its independence on October 2, 1958 and covers an area of ​​245,857 km. It is bounded to the north by Senegal and Guinea Bissau, to the east by Mali and the Ivory Coast, to the south by Liberia and Sierra Leone and to the west by the Atlantic ocean.
Guinea is divided into four natural regions: Lower Guinea, Upper Guinea, Middle Guinea and Forest Guinea. It has several attractive and diverse tourist attractions, they deserve to be visited throughout the year. For more information consult the Ministry of Tourism.

What can I do, if I don’t find my luggage at the arrival?
In such a situation, you should quickly contact the baggage litigation service in the arrival area. You should present your luggage label given when registering your luggage. A file will be opened to facilitate research and monitoring.