Security controls

sante 2  Security checkpoint

Once you checked your hold baggages, before accessing to boarding areas, you must pass the security checkpoint;

  • You must present your boarding pass printed or on your mobile phone with your ID card;
  • In front of the gate, put all your metal objects in separate baskets at your disposal;
  • In case of alarm activation when you pass under the gate, a palpation is routinely conducted;
  • Random checks may be carried out by security officers, in accordance with international rules.,
  • Also a search of any luggage and palpation can be performed even without tripping the alarm.

Security check point

Security officers carry out checks for your safety, in respect of your person.

Make sure you have no prohibited item in your hand luggage.

surete 1

Present your passport and your boarding pass to the security officer

surete 2

Put your hand luggage on the belt of the x-ray device.
Remove the plastic bag containing liquids, laptops, cameras and other large electrical appliance and place them in the bins

surete 3


Remove your jacket or your coat, your hat, scarf etc. and empty your pockets (Keys, cell phone, money etc.).
Place them in a bin. You may be asked to remove your belt and / or your shoes

surete 4


You can undergo further checks: palpation. (This check will be conducted by an officer of the same sex as you) …

surete 5


Or search of carry-on baggage

surete 6

After the control, remember to take all your belongings on the belt of the x-ray device and go freely in the departure lounge

Stay informed

  • Check with your airline company or your travel agency to know when you need to attend the airport. Registration hours varying according to the airline company and the destination;
  • Check with your airline company the size and the weight of your carry-on luggage. They vary according to the company.