SOGEAC, with respect of the environment principles, actively participating in its protection by involving employees, customers, contractors and visitors.
With this sustainable approach, SOGEAC will:

  • Observe the environmental requirements by limiting and reducing environmental impacts related to airport activities:
  • Set up an environmental management policy
  • Reduce air emissions and discharges of pollutants in water, soil and subsoil;
  • Provide waste treatment from production to final disposal;
  • Conduct garbage collection operations;
  • Preserve biodiversity on the airport area;
  • Promote the creation and maintenance of green spaces;
  • Promote regular maintenance of drainage of rainwater and various roads networks
  • Make mowing grass, pruning trees and removing stagnant water;
  • Make periodic treatment according to the nature of the activity and the area;
  • Set up a wildlife risk management system to reduce bird strikes to the airport and its immediate surroundings.
 Consider the concept of the environment at all levels by:
  • Implementing measures since the pre-project phase to limit the negative impacts to the environment;
  • Educating and encouraging all actors and all operators of the airport to reduce environment-related impacts on their activities;
  • Working with suppliers and subcontractors to make them consider a concerted framework all aspects related to the environment within the airport.
Establishing and maintaining dialogue with stakeholders:
  • Practicing regular consultation with partners, subcontractors, occupants and neighbors of the airport;
  • Communicating with the supervisory authorities and the environment in all aspects related to the environment.

SOGEAC agrees to consider at any time questions concerning the environment. Its willing is to develop and review environmental objectives to ensure its relevance to the airport area.
The success of the approach requires the cooperation of all stakeholders at all levels.