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boutique2  Shopping & Services

In the departure area, there is a Duty Free shop and a snack bar for drinks, tea, coffee, fruit juices and pastries.


A paid wifi connection is available in the departure lounge.

Shopping in departure lounge

All items purchased after the security check (duty free or departure lounge) are allowed in the cabin, whatever their capacity.
Passengers wishing to take in the cabin liquids, gels, pastes, creams and aerosols over 100ml or 100g must buy them in shops in the departure lounge. In some cases, their purchases will be placed by sellers in transparent sealed plastic bags, accompanied by a receipt of the purchase date.
Connecting passengers on an EU airport, Switzerland, Iceland or Norway will take their unopened sealed bag in the cabin, on the second flight.
Connecting passengers at an airport in another country should consult their company.